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Governing Body

A Message from the Chair of Governors


I have been a Forestdale governor for many years as well as a local councillor since May 1990, for Heathfield Ward, where the school is located in the London Borough of Croydon and was elected chair of governors in September 2013. Our latest Ofsted Inspection (Nov 2012) highlighted a great many of our strengths and the school and the members of the governing body were happy with the ‘Good’ outcome. However we are all striving for ‘outstanding’ and have excellent plans in place to take the school forward.
The governing body is a ‘critical friend’ in all matters to the school and works very closely with the Head Teacher; the Governing Body is ultimately responsible for the delivery of the curriculum, school finances, maintenance of the school premises and personnel matters. Teaching and Learning is at the heart of all we do at Forestdale and we want to give all our children the very best education and offer them every opportunity to reach their potential.
The Head Teacher is a full member of the Governing Body and attends all Governors’ meetings. In addition to termly governing body meetings governors also visit school regularly to speak to staff and attend events for parents and children. Governors serve for a period of four years, parents with a child at the school are entitled to stand for election as a Parent Governor and vote when elections are held.
I can be contacted through the school office:
Margaret Mead (Cllr)

The Governing Body carries out a very important job behind the scenes in supporting and challenging the school staff to improve the outcomes for children.

Meet the Governors

Currently there are 14 members and all have voting rights on their committees and in the Full Governing Body:
2 Parent governors (appointed by parents):
Mrs J. Robins Term of office- 04/11/2013- 3/11/2017
Dr. F Saka Term of office- 04/11/2013-3/11/2017

1 Staff governor (appointed by the staff):
Mrs L. Hagreen Term of office- 17/11/2015-16/11/2019

1 Local Authority governor (appointed by the LA):
Councillor M Mead Term of office- 1/9/2014-31/8/2018

8 Co-opted governors (appointed by the Governing Body):
Mrs S. Aburrow Term of office- 18/01/2016-17/1/2020
Mr A. Douglas Term of office- 18/01/2016-17/1/2020
Mr R. Passfield Term of office- 18/1/2016-17/1/2020
Mr F. Mirza Term of office- 18/1/2016-17/1/2020
Mr J. Ferendinos Term of office- 14/3/2016-13/3/2020
Mr M. Tucker Term of office- 18/1/2016-17/1/2020
Mrs G. Nsubuga Term of office- 14/3/2016-13/3/2020
Mrs S. Ikwueme Term of office- 14/3/2016-13/3/2020
Mrs S. Eade Term of office- 18/1/2016-30/08/2016

1 Ex officio governor (Headteacher):
Ms V. Esparon Term of office- 1/09/2012

1 Clerk to Governors:
Mrs S. Scott Term of office- 1/9/2016

1 Associate member:
Mrs L. Smith Term of office-28/11/2016-27/11/2020

2 senior leader observers:
Mrs E. Ewin Term of office- 1/9/2016
Mrs C. Hart Term of office-1/9/2016


We have three Governing Body committees with the following members:
Resources Committee:
  Mrs S Aburrow
  Mr J Ferendinos
  Mr F Mirza (Chair of Resources)
  Mr M Tucker
  Mrs M Mead
  Mrs V Esparon
  Mrs L Hagreen
Head Teacher Performance Management:
  Mr A Douglas
  Mr R Passfield
  Mrs M Mead
Full Governing Body:
  Mrs S Aburrow
  Mr Adrian Douglas (Vice Chair, Safeguarding , Inclusion,  SEND)
  Mr J Ferendinos (Training and Development)
  Mrs S Ikwueme (EYFS , HR)
  Mr F Mirza (Chair of Resources , Finance)
  Mrs G Nsubuga (Anti Bullying)
  Mr R Passfield
  Mr M Tucker (Health & Safety, Premises)
  Mr F Saka  (Attainment and Data)
  Mrs J Robins
  Mrs M Mead (Chair, Healthy Schools)
  Mrs V Esparon
  Mrs L Smith
  Mrs L Hagreen

Attendance Register and Pecuniary Interests 2016/2017

Name Pecuniary Interests Attendance Meetings Attendance Committees
Sarah Aburow Member of staff and child at the school 1/2 1/1
Adrian Douglas Wife works at Huntingfield Nursery  2/2  
Vivienne Esparon Headteacher 2/2 1/1
Jeremy Ferendinos Child at the school 2/2 1/1
Lesley Hagreen Member of staff  1/2 1/1
 Sandra Ikwueme (Still to be completed) 0/2  
Margaret Mead Councillor 2/2 1/1
Faheem Mirza None 1/2 1/1
Gloria Nsubuga (Still to be completed) 0/2  
Ron Passfield (Still to be completed) 0/2  
Jill Robins Child at the school  1/2  
Frank Saka Children at the school  1/2  
Matthew Tucker None 1/2 1/1
Lara Smith  None 1/2  
Sara Scott Works for Ocatavo Partnership, Governor services and Clerk at Courtwod Primary School 2/2 1/1
Emma Ewin Member of staff    
Caroline Hart   Member of staff     
Sheila Eade Resigned from Governing body on 30/8/2016    

We work closely as a team particularly with the leadership team on a wide variety of tasks which include:
  developing a strategic plan for the school;
  determining school aims, policies and priorities;
  setting targets;
  monitoring and evaluating the work of the school;
  appointing staff;
  managing the budget;
  securing high levels of attendance and good standards of pupil behaviour;
  ensuring that all children in the school have access to a broad and balanced curriculum;
  ensuring the health and safety of pupils and staff.

This list may seem daunting but we can honestly say that we really enjoy the huge satisfaction we get from seeing how rapidly the school is improving and feel valued for our part in it. We are a strong team with a variety of skills who work well together and have a shared commitment to continuing the journey together for the benefit of all our children in the future.