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What does my child need?

The school uniform consists of a white polo shirt, grey trousers/skirt or pinafore and red sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo. The school uniform can be purchased online at  or both of which can also be accessed through our school website. The website includes our uniform policy.  The school PE kit and book bag can also be purchased through the uniform providers.

We recommend that children will need a minimum of the following, but this depends on how many times a week you wash clothes.

2 sweatshirts or cardigans

2 pairs of trousers or skirts/pinafores

2/3 white polo shirts

1 PE kit to include shorts, t-shirt, plimsolls, tracksuit trousers and sweatshirt


Children do not need a pencil case or stationery in Reception classes.


Book Bag

All children need a book bag. You can buy this from the uniform website. Your child will be issued with a contact book which must come to school each day in the book bag. It is the means by which you and the class teacher can communicate.  Replacement contact books can be bought from the school office.


Children starting in Reception are all given a water bottle to use in school. Replacements can be bought from the school office.


All children in Reception to Year 2 classes are entitled to complimentary free school meals. If you decide not to participate in this free hot meal, you will need to provide your child with a healthy packed lunch.  


All children under 5 are entitled to free school milk. We have signed up to a company called ‘Cool Milk’ that deliver fresh milk to the school.  If you wish your child to receive a carton of milk each day please complete the form that you will find in your welcome pack. Once your child reaches their 5th birthday you can continue with the scheme but will be required to pay for the milk. 


Croydon Council provides daily fresh fruit for all Key Stage one pupils. They have this as a snack each day after morning break. You do not need to complete any documentation for your child to receive this.