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Events 2016/2017

Orienteering - Thursday 29th September 2016
Cross Country Wednesday 5th October 2016
Tag Rugby - Friday 4th November 2016 Year 4

Tag Rugby - Thursday 1st December 2016 Year 3 A & B

Quiksticks Hockey - Mon 9th January 2017 Year 6 A & B
Lacrosse - Wednesday 15th March 2017 Year 4 & 5
Basketball - Tuesday 2nd May 2017 Year 5 A & B
Kwik Cricket - Thursday 25th May Year 6 2017 girls


At Forestdale, we firmly believe in the importance of extending learning beyond the classroom, enriching pupils’ experiences and providing them with extensive opportunities to discover talents and interests.

We are proud of our dynamic curriculum and our efforts to bring learning to life through trips and visits. We also offer a wide range of clubs and activities beyond the school day to enrich pupils’ time with us. There are sports clubs such as Football, Netball and Table tennis.

Spring 2017 clubs start week beginning 16th January

After school clubs run by the school cost £15 per term. Lunchtime and after school clubs are all booked through ParentPay.

Day Classes Time Date
Table tennis Juniors Lunchtime Until 4th July
Wheel Good Holly, Willow and Oak Lunchtime Until 4th July
Wheel Good Birch and Rowan Lunchtime Until 5th July
Multi sports Holly and Willow 3.05pm-4.05pm Until 5th July
Football coaching Year 3 and Year 4 3.15pm-4.15pm Until 23rd May
Wheel Good Chestnut and Hazel Lunchtime Until 6th July
Cricket training Larch and Oak 3.15pm-4.15pm Until 6th July
Dance Exercise Juniors + Year 2 3.15pm-4.15pm Until 6th July
Tennis Year 3 & Year 4 3.15pm-4.15pm Until 6th July
Cheerleading Juniors + Chestnut/Hazel 8am-8.50am Until 7th July
Wheel Good Poplar and Elm Lunchtime Until 7th July
Netball training Beech, Maple and Larch 3.15pm-4.15pm Until 7th July
Tae Kwon Do Juniors + Chestnut/Hazel 3.20pm-4.20pm Until 14th Jul
 Street dance  Juniors + Chestnut/Hazel  8am-8.50am Until 8th July
 Girls football  Larch and Oak  Lunchtime Until 8th July
 Wheel Good  Maple, Beech, Larch  Lunchtime Until 8th July

Our Sports Stars

Last term parents were invited to provide details of their child’s out of school sports activities. We now have a board in the Junior building showing examples of children’s achievements in swimming, dance, karate, etc. Well done to all the children who are featured and who take part in sporting activities out of school.

School Houses

At Forestdale Primary School we operate a House system. Children are allocated to one of five houses when they start school, or if they join later. Siblings are in the same House. We aim to keep the number of children equal in each house. The five houses and their colours are:

The House system creates healthy competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together. This is especially apparent at our annual Sports Morning when children compete in houses rather as individuals. Children may wear t-shirts in their house colours for PE lessons and at the Sports Morning.