Forestdale Primary School

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Vision, Values and Ethos


We aim to encourage and support our children so they can realise their full potential. Our broad and balanced curriculum, strong ethos and expectations prepare our children for future opportunities, responsibilities and experiences and become valued members of society.


At Forestdale children understand the importance of a respect for fellow human beings and the environment; a sense of justice; determination and resilience to cope with life and an ability to communicate and to collaborate effectively to make a positive contribution to society.


After much consultation and discussion with pupils, parents and staff, the school agreed on a set of five core values which make Forestdale such a fantastic school. The initial letter of each value has been arranged to spell the acronym STARS, which also links in perfectly with the school’s STAR programme and Star Learners Ethos


Successful   Thoughtful   Aspirational   Respectful  Supportive


Children use each finger of their hand to recall each value. These values are the main focus of many assemblies and our children can confidently recite the five values and define their meanings.




Forestdale is a good school and on a successful journey towards outstanding. We have a wonderful learning environment with sound structures and systems and a supportive community.

We aim to provide the highest standards and best quality education for all children Teachers support and facilitate learning so that children are engaged and enthused and want to behave well and succeed with their learning.



Learning challenges and supports children and enriches their skills so that they are able to apply these to different learning situations. Forestdale children have a desire to be successful and share a good work ethic. Children always come first at Forestdale and are given a chance to shine academically, practically and socially.


We want children to experience a sense of awe and wonder so that they develop a deep fascination with the world and are absorbed in their learning. We want our children to understand the spiritual, moral, cultural and social dimensions in life and to have an appreciation of beauty, art, music and nature.


Children at Forestdale are encouraged to follow a set of universal values which guide them. They learn to understand the importance of honesty, truthfulness, courage, fairness, trust and caring so that they can develop effective relationships.